Friday, July 28, 2006

Peace Keeping Force in Lebanon

Even though the United States, Europe and Israel (reluctantly) have agreed to an international peace keeping force in Lebanon, no one is rushing to contribute troops. Perhaps they are remembering the last time U.S. Marines were put there as peace keepers.

I'll go on record right now and say I absolutely do not want our men and women sitting in the middle as peace keepers when there isn't a peace to keep.

Terrorists are lobbing rockets into cities trying to hit civilians while hiding behind civilians and counting on the better character of the Israelis.

The proper question isn't "do we contribute troops to a peace keeping force?" The right question is "Mr. Prime Minister, do you need the assistance of the American military in any capacity to assist in the battle to eliminate the missile threat to your cities?" Its what we would do for any other ally. Imagine if Canada were under attack and a third of the country was living in bomb shelters - what would we do to help?

A mushroom cloud rises from the rubble of a U.S. barracks at Beirut International Airport after a suicide bomber drove a truck into its lobby and detonated it, collapsing the structure and killing 241 American servicemen. - 1983 - (Photo and caption from Wikipedia)