Thursday, August 11, 2005

Conservative groups oppose Roberts over pro bono work

Two conservative public-policy groups are refusing to support President Bush's nomination of John Roberts for the Supreme Court due to his donating time to homosexual activists who subsequently won a key high-court case
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Rational Conservative Commentary:

Conservatives have been demanding judges who will follow the constitution and not invent new laws. The constitution guarantees equal protection under the law. The Colorado law in question forbid cities from passing laws that required equal protection. It would be hard to think of a more unconstitutional law based on strict interpretation and yet groups claiming to be conservative now oppose supreme court nominee John Roberts because he did pro bono work on the case in support of equal protection.

Being conservative doesn't mean following the constitution except when you wish to hurt people who are different - it means following the constitution all the time. These groups are not acting as conservatives but rather as religious police roaming the land beating up conservatives who try to apply American principles fairly and equally.

The trial court's grant of a preliminary injunction was sustained by the Colorado Supreme Court, which held that Amendment 2 was subject to strict scrutiny under the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment because it infringed the fundamental right of gays and lesbians to participate in the political process.

"His actions not only cast doubt on his support of the American family, but also raise the possibility that Roberts will join the activist wing of the Supreme Court," said Delgaudio. "In Romer vs.. Evans we saw another example of the radical homosexual lobby loosing democratically and having to use the activist Supreme Court to force their agenda on the American people.

Complete Public Advocate statement on Roberts

Rational Conservative Commentary:
There is a tendency in conservative circles to turn against anyone that the fundamentalists decide is not bent on imposing their brand of Christianity on others - it is ugly when it happens and if happened to Barry Goldwater it can happen to any conservative.

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